Monday, September 20, 2010

Summing it all up.

We're home. We have been for 2 months now. But the blog feels a little unfinished so we thought we should wind it up. Nobody likes it when the DVD goes fuzzy right at the end.. or you realise you have to return you library book before you have even finished it.. or you miss the final episode of your favourite show. Anyway, you get the picture.

The trip is over. The flight home was bearable..massively helped by our decision in Singapore to pay to have a shower.. and then a massage.. and then some foot reflexology. This is highly recommended to anyone taking that long flight.

We set out to have the trip of a lifetime and can honestly say that we did. We saw amazing sights, did fantastic things, ate a fair bit (in case you hadn't noticed).. And we managed to do it all without too many dramas, without tearing each others eyes out, and we even came home with money in the bank.
It was the trip of a lifetime, but it certainly wont be the last trip of our lifetimes and we are already planning future adventures to come.

Next on the list: a wedding. Followed by a quick honeymoon in Bali. Don't think we'll blog that one though!
Until next time! xox

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