Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 1...England v Germany...

After surviving the worst flight i have ever had the spirits were high as we got through a very speedy customs. The customs lady was extremely friendly as she grunted through a few questions and sent us on our way.

The flight was an early arrival so we had about half an hour to wait for the first tube and headed towards Kings Cross Station. Jess had run out of tissues by this stage so her sleeve came in very handy. Lauren had given us great directions to get to their house and after an hour we were there to wake them up. It was good to catch up .

Jarrod greeted us with the fantastic news that England were playing Germany today at 3pm in the World cup . Jess was so excited , i was so so . We all got ready and hit the streets to have a look at the Spittisfield (not sure of spelling) markets. Jarrod and Lauren were the perfect tour guides giving us all the info as we rode the bus there. The markets were a shoppers dream , Lauren and Jess went for a wander through as Jarrod and i thought we would go have a beer and discuss world events, wedding plans, work and really important things. Alot of people watching was going on and there were some crazy people about. England shirts were everywhere and people were getting charged early.

We decide to have a quick lunch and then off their local 'The Baily' to watch the game. the pub was busy and had plenty of atmosphere, Germany 2 nil up in 25mins was not good but when England scored the pub went crazy and then the 2nd goal that was dissallowed sent them out of control. Half time talk was all about the non goal and how the rules should be changed. The second half does not need to be discussed.

After the disappointing result we went back to the house to have a couple of drinks and dinner. With Jess nearly falling asleep in her food and the plane ride finally catching up with us we called it a day.... a day that England football would rather forget.

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