Monday, June 28, 2010

The flight from hell...

Jess here - reporting on our treacherous British Airways flight...

So.. when we wrote from Singpaore we were relatively happy. Qantas flight from Adelaide to Singapore was great (as great as any flight gets). We had 2 seats to ourselves, good food, watched some good movies and it went like a breeze.

This was not good preparation for the flight that was to come.. We boarded the BA flight, with Adam already slightly uncomfortable because the plane 'looks old' and has 'scuff marks'. We are seated at the very back of the plane (row 54) and as soon as we reach row 50, its like walking into a sauna. We were sweating, couldnt breathe and stripped off to minimal clothing. The plane was full, no chance of moving seats or spreading out. When we commented on the heat to the hostess, she agreed that she was hot too, "something not right with the aircon". Hmm, no joke.

As we took off, the pilot warned us there were some storms about. He was not lying. The entire plane shook violently for the first 4 hours of the flight. And we just rattled away in the sweaty hot box from hell.

After approximately 10 hours, we were served breakfast (spew on a plate). And I think this was also the first time they officially offered drinks. We did request a drink a couple of times earlier.. and were presented with half a cup of warm water.

British Airways... you suck!!

Regardless of this, we arrived at Heathrow alive and well, albeit somewhat dishevelled.. and as the sun rose over London we started to get excited. WE'RE HERE!!!

Up next: Adam with a report of Day 1 in London..

(forgot to add - we have an unwanted guest on this trip. A cold that has taken residence in Jessica's head. This added to the discomfort of the flight (3 packs of tissues!) and we are crossing fingers and toes that it doesnt stay around for long!!)

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