Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From Punk Tees to Posh Teas

Yesterday started with a trip to Camden Markets, which is pretty much inhabited by punks selling t-shirts, sunnies and studded belts. 'Good for some people watching but nothing worth buying' was the description for this place and it lived up to it.

The only thing of note to mention here is that Adam had his feet eaten by fish. Yes - a fish pedicure. He put his feet in a spa type thing filled with hundreds of little fishies.. and they munched on all of his dry skin. Quite gross really. But he enjoyed it and his feet are actually now smoother. I have been unlucky enough to spend alot of time with Adam's feet.. and therefore I pity the fish whose home was invaded for a short time.

Headed to Harrods for a sneak peak and a touch more shopping in the surrounding shops.

Then - we jumped into a black cab (another experience ticked off the list) and headed for the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel for Afternoon Tea (courtesy of the 'experience' voucher Kate & Todd gave us as an engagement gift).
Afternoon tea was very posh. The menu was as follows:
- an assortment of 5 finger sandwiches including: curried chicken, smoked salmon, egg & watercress, roast beef, cucumber & crab.
- 2 varieities of scones (wholemeal & poppyseed), served with cream, rhubarb compote, lime & lemon curd, and raspberry jam.
- 5 mini cakes / desserts... which i cannot actually name. They were all dellicious though!
- We chose English Breakfast and Lady Grey teas.
It was a great way to spend the afternoon in London (so many thanks to Kate & Todd). We didnt need dinner afterwards.. and probably also shouldnt have eaten lunch beforehand.

Last night we went next door to the local pub and met up with Emily Parker for some drinks. It was great to see an old friend on the other side of the world. The girls sipped on their drinks inside while the boys got rowdy with some Americans outside. When we got home, Adam and Jarrod put on a bit of a dance performance in the kitchen for us. Some things never change no matter which side of the world you are on!

This morning we leave London (pies, pints and pimms) behind and say 'hola' to Barcelona (and sangria and tapas). Is it wrong that we associate food with each destination in this journey??

London - you've been good to us. Farewell until next time. xo

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