Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jarrod's London Monopoly Tour by Car

After an exhausting day at Oxford, we came home, cooked up some fajitas and headed downstairs to the hire car.

Lauren & Jarrod are members of a car club. It works like this: there are cars parked around London (one just near their place). You book ahead, walk up, hold your card against the scanner on the window and the doors open. You enter a pin number in the glove box.. and the keys pop out. Then you're off. You drive around (dont pay for petrol or anything) and return it to where you took it from. Nifty!

Jarrod's tour of London took 3 hours. I can barely name all of the places we drove.. but we definitely drove through Camden, Hyde Park, Regent Park (where all the rich rich rich people live), Primrose Hill (where the also rich and possibly celebrities live), Kensington (past Harrods and Harvey Nichols), Park Lane, and then through the west end (where all the theatres were) and over to London Bridge and Tower Bridge. Plus back past some of the sights we saw on Monday - but this time by lights. We also saw Shakepeare's Globe theatre and the creepy little cobblestone alleys around London Bridge. So old. You can just imagine what went on in them.

I am referring to it as the 'Monopoly Tour' as I kept seeing places that rung a bell.. and kept having to ask questions such as "Ooh... Park Lane.. does this mean Mayfair is close by??". Very exciting! I actually WISH that we had carried a monopoly board with us to London so that I could tick off the places and stations as we saw them! Can somebody please do this on their first trip to London?

Jarrod and Lauren were excellent tour guides. (In fact they have been excellent hosts. We are very lucky to have had somewhere to stay). Seeing London by car was a great experience. As wonderful as the tube is, you really miss out on seeing a lot of the city and it's hard to get a good perspective as to the size of the place or where things are in relation to each other. Going by car was a bit of an eye opener and gave us a good feel of the city as a whole.

When we returned home, i was horrified at the loud growling noises in the apartment. Had Jack the Ripper's ghost followed us home? Had Lauren & Jarrads statue pug, 'Bruges' come to life? Or had some sort of city bear crawled through the open window? ... Oh no, its just adam snoring into his chest before he's even gotten into bed again! Bless him. The days are long.. but they are great.
.. I drifted off to sleep with thoughts of myself dining with Harry and Hermione in the great hall.. till next time! - Jess

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