Saturday, July 17, 2010

10 things we love about Paris

  1. Our Apartment. Check it out on this website.      It is gorgeous. We get free international phonecalls, free computer and internet, have been able to do our washing and fill our fridge with loads of food. The owner Quentin is an absolute gem. He met us here, helped us settle in and even arranged our cab for the airport. We love him. We love the apartment.
  2. Cheap Evian.  Its the cheapest thing you can drink.
  3. The glorious Architecture.  The buildings are gorgeous. All of them. We havent seen an ugly one, and cant work out whether none of them are new... or whether the new ones are just still built with old-time beauty.
  4. Dog Friendly. People in Paris love their dogs. They take them everywhere. They are all well behaved and you often wont notice there is a dog sitting next to you on the metro or under a counter in a shop. Being dog lovers, we like this. Notes - they are all better behaved than our dog. And despite what people tell you, we didnt see a single dog shit in the streets.
  5. Our area, Le Marais. It is beautiful, clean, is the premier neighbourhood for eating out. It is very trendy with upcoming designers. Its well located. Its just good and we recommend it.
  6. Galettes and Crepes. Available from market stalls with a variety of fillings, these are a delicious snack or lunch on the go.
  7. Cheap booze in the supermarket. (Also available in the rest of europe, we know).Why hasnt this caught on in Australia? So easy to buy beer and wine with your food shopping. Adam has particularly loved Kronenburg 1664.
  8. Transport. Stinky as it is, its easy to navigate and we never took longer than éà minutes to get anywhere. I thought only Adelaide could claim that!
  9. The people.  OK, so i know i said they stink while i was grumpy the other day.. But they didnt live up to the 'arrogant french' reputation. They have all been good to us, they have all spoken english as soon as they realise its our language of choice, and have been generally nice. Much better customer service than we received in London!! (Plus during this trip we've realised, if you're not AMERICAN, you're a bloody legend!)
  10. The fact that its only the halfway point of our trip. You beauty!!!
From Paris to Paros.... we'll report next from the beautiful greek islands. Note that we wont have internet on hand again so blog posts will slow waaaaayyy down again.


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