Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Final words from Spain

Spain seems so long ago now.. but we cant move on with the blog without winding it up. If you've been wondering where we've been, its not that we're still recovering from Pamplona (!), we have just struggled to find internet in the towns we've been in... and we have been having too much fun!!

On our last day in San Sebastian, 3 aussie party boys were feeling a little worse for wear. They kept us up all night alternating between yelling to the locals "ESPANOL"..and stomping their feet & clapping their hands to "thank god i'm a country boy". They finally went to bed around 5am. For this reason, I (jess) tackled today's adventure solo.
High on the mountain overlooking the beach at San Sebastian is a statue. Embarrassingly, i dont know who it is. It could be Jesus. Or it could be Saint Sebastian ( that would make sense). Either way, we decided to climb it. It was a BIG climb in the afternoon sun, but the views at the top were amazing; I'll let them do the talking.. 
Ahh.... we still really love San Sebastian.... farewell you gorgeous place!!

Later on, we jumped on a bus and crossed the border to France. You dont actually see a physical border line / sign, but it really is like there is an imaginery line drawn through the land. The landscape, architecture, everything suddenly changed. As did our dodgy language attempts: Adios to Spain, Bonjour to France!

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