Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dordogne.. Picture Perfect

About 12 months ago when this trip was first concieved, a little region of France caught my eye. It's called Dordogne (because the Dordogne river runs through it), but is also known as Perigord.
Its the kind of place that you picture when you think French Countryside:  fields of sunflowers, glittering rivers, honey-coloured stone villages clinging to mountain sides, big castles in green fields and cobblestone roads. Additionally, it is one of the worlds most important prehistoric areas, with loads of cave art and every second sign mentions the "cro magnon"
Very early on, it was decided we had to go there.

Before leaving Biarritz, we booked some accommodation on Wotif. We no longer want to be driving around towns in search of somewhere to sleep.  The drive there on the open road was WAY better than yesterday's episode in Biarritz. Adam was comfortable, the mood was light, we were on an official roadtrip with french radio to help keep it interesting.
The drive was gorgeous and never boring. From the surf towns of Biarritz & Anglet, through to the pretty townhouses on the river at Bayonne.. straight through Bordeaux wine region (whose landscape looked quite similar to SA wine regions).
About one hour from there was Peridgord and the little village of Marsac. Here's where we stayed:
Quite impressive huh? It's called Chateau des Reynats. It's difficult to explain the gorgeousness... so we hope the pics are doing some of the talking for us.

That night we went into the village for dinner and our first taste of french wine, before retiring to our castle. The village itself was pretty special, tiny cobblestone lanes with hidden restaurants all over the place. We have seen so many amazing places like this now that it is easy to become jaded and just get used to it. We have to keep reminding ourselves "this is not just another laneway.. its a french one.. in Perigord.. and it IS worth another photo!!!"

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