Friday, July 16, 2010

escargot... mmm?

One of the main things i wanted to do on the trip was to try a few of the local dishes. In Spain we did the tapas thing , London was the pub pie and now in France we had already done the 'boeuf bourguignon , Foie gras, i had a dodgey intestine sausage and a market Gallette. But last night i wanted the 'escargot'... snails!

We went to a little resteraunt around the corner from our appartment called 'Bofinger', it was busy and had a good atmosphere. I ordered the snails for entree, there would be only six and convinced jess that one was hers. We had ordered a bottle of wine so we were sipping on that and it was not long before the little suckers came out. It was not exactly what i expected as they were already removed from their shells and sitting in a dish in galic and herbs.

They were small , black and not easy on the eye.... here we go... the first one i chewed for ages, it was rubbery and very strong on the garlic , not alot of flavour itself but not too bad. The main thing i think that weirds you out is when you are chewing them you can feel the bit that would be slidding along the ground...for you that have eaten snails im sure you are not that interested in this blog but it was a bit of a  culinary moment for me.

Jess had a crack at hers and initially was going ok but as soon as she felt the weird 'bottom of snail bit' she swallowed it very closely followed by  half a glass of wine. I finished the rest of them and quite enjoyed my first escargot experience. Another positive was when finished there were six little pods full of garlic oil and herbs that were great for dipping the bread in...... all class.

So tonight we have a couple more to tick off , jess wants some 'french onion soup' ( not sure if just called onion soup here), creme brulee and tomorrow maybe a macaroon. ' Frogs legs'...... i have not seen them on any menu the entire time in France ???? im sure they just tast like chicken..


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