Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fatigue hits in Florence

Jess here, ready to pump out a few updates from the last week.

From Venice, we caught a train to Florence and arrived at our lovely little B&B, Il Cielo. We have actually been really happy with all of our accommodation on this trip and would recommend any of it. This one didnt let us down. It was really nice, with a slight bird theme throughout and a lovely host, Giancarlo.

Florence is a nice city. Its population is only about 300,000 so it isnt that big, but is packed with shops and museums. It has a nice feel, and is tourist friendly.

But... if we are perfectly honest, I think Florence is where we were hit with "cultural burnout". We could have gone to see the statue of David, but we couldnt really be bothered. There are several other sites, but we couldnt really be bothered. We'd learned our lesson in Paris about not just ticking boxes.. and after 5 weeks of negotiating maps, train schedules, working out what to do, where to go, early mornings, late nights, etc... we just decided to relax.

We wandered the streets, did some shopping, climbed up to Michaelangelos Square for a view of the city. Then we bought wine, chose a book each from the shelf in the B&B lounge room - and just relaxed.
The next day, we did pretty much the same. We each finished our books (in 2 days) and were well rested.

It wasnt a waste of time, nor a reflection on Florence.. we just needed a rest. And the sanctuary of little Il Cielo was the perfect place to do it.

We did have a couple of great meals again too.

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