Saturday, July 24, 2010


Late on Tuesday we arrived in Santorini. It was a crazy, hectic welcome to the island with loads of locals trying to entice us into cabs, buses, accommodation, etc. We rejected them all... which resulted in us being stranded - last ones at the port!

We finally got to our apartment, which we were sharing with 4 other couples. (3 of which we shared with in San Sebastian, plus one extra couple from Australia). Kristy has excelled at finding us great accommodation. It was perfect. We all had our own "wings" with separate bathrooms, lounge rooms and kitchens.

On arrival, Adam and the boys got re-acquainted with the booze. Kristy immediately took me to see the sunset over the other side of the island. A-MAZING. We had a great night catching up with the others on where we've been, what we've seen, what we've loved, not loved, etc.

Santorini was a pretty crazy island - a much faster pace than Paros. In some ways it reminds me of Thailand - people everywhere, no road rules and just a buzz in the air. On our first full day, we went and hired a 4-wheeler and set about exploring the island. In convoy, the group of us made our way to "Black Beach" to spent the afternoon. It was exactly as it sounds - a black beach which was something new for us. We spent the day swimming, drinking and lazing under umbrellas. It was perfect.

That night, Adam, myself and Kristy and James headed out for dinner and lovely little retaurant on a cliff overlooking the sea. Yum.

Somewhere in amongst this was another 8 or so yiros. I cant even think about them right now - too much!!

The next day was the wedding of Lia and Mark (James' sister) and this deserves a post all of its own.... next up.

Pics to come. Santorini NEEDS imagery.

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