Friday, July 16, 2010

Mona, Mona, Mona...... The Dougwood's trip to the Louvre

Museums dont really do it for me. Jess does not care for them either...... 
The Louvre!.. probably should do that one.

We finished the bike tour and headed to the Louvre, it stays open to 9:30 on fridays and only 6pm on a school night so being a friday we thought we could knock it over in a few hours. Got there at about 4pm and headed to see what this ' Mona and her friend Lisa were doing to drag in millions of people a year .

Basically it was pretty cool to see some of the great pieces of art and sculpture to grace the earth but we did enjoy seeing some of the more obscure pieces, the unexplainable images and just alot of boobs out and small dicks.( you would think if someone was going to make a sculpture of you or paint your picture, wouldnt you say ' you might need a bit more paint on that brush leonardo' or 'how about a bit more clay on the extremities Luis'.

The following pictures are a bit of a story of some of the beautiful, not so beautiful, just plain weird and what the fuck is that? .....

                                            The show stoppers! (the ones we've heard of)

(that's the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo/Aphrodite for those more uncultured than us!!)

The weird ones that entertained us for the next couple of hours...

'but grandpa, what a big mince-meat nose you have'

Wow, im a bit freaky.. (we're still laughing at this one!!)

You could take an eye out with that stick.
OR maybe - I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a blunt stick than look at the 'cherub' above;

A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.

Jess(on the right): Get home to bed you village drunk
Heath(on the left): Oh whats the problem? Cant he stay out with the boys?
Adam (in the middle): euauuuggcch?

"Snakebites" - Getting girl's tits out for years now.

The way we felt after a few hours at the Louvre.

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