Thursday, July 29, 2010

Waiting for the rain to pass..

After a couple of hours at the beach in Monterosso yesterday, we were in love. We went home completely enthused and asked our hostel manager if we could stay an extra night. We could. 
The plan was to spend an entire day at the beach today (we deserve it!!!) before moving on to Siena (2 nights) and then Rome (2 nights). Then home to Oz.
What a great plan, we thought. Perfect. A bit of beach time before heading to the country and then to the city. We can relax, work on our tans. Fantastic!

We awoke this morning to the loud rumble of thunder... and the heavens opened up. The sky is dark. It actually looks like winter. Perfect chance to do some blogging... but not quite what was planned. Yesterday was clear and sunny.. this was SO not on the cards.  I guess you can only laugh. Hopefully it will clear up later so we can get some beach time in.

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