Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pizza in Pisa... JUST!

Leaving Florence early Tuesday morning we thought we'd stop off in Pisa for a look at that famous leaning tower, before moving on to our next destination.

The Tower is about 1.5km from the train station so we got a look at the town. It doesnt have a lot to offer.. funny that stuffing up a building has resulted in it being a tourist destination! As we arrived at the street that lead to the Tower, it really was quite a shocking site. At the end of the street you can see the enormous Duomo standing tall.. and right in front of it in the most bizarre angle is the Tower. Of course we'd seen pics and knew what to expect.. but it is an odd sit to see.

We took the obligatory photos of us holding up the tower - it had to be done!

The plan was to have a picnic on the grass in front of the tower, but we werent actually allowed on the grass so we thought we'd get a pizza instead. We found a little place and placed our orders.. and waited. And waited. We had a train to catch, so asked the waitress how long it would be. "5 minutes" she said. 10 minutes later, she brings out a slimy looking pasta dish. "uhhh.. we ordered pizza" we said. Hmm. She goes back inside, then comes out and says "your pizza wont be ready. You can pay for your drinks and go".
WTF??????? We were pretty mad by then.

We walked back to the train station and the title of this blog ALMOST became "Big Macs in Pisa". But we found a little takeaway pizza place, got a slice and jumped on the train.

It's funny how one person can change your entire experience of a place... Adam couldnt bring himself to write this blog about Pisa as he now hates it.

As an aside (and an extension) of this story, I have always thought that I was the intolerant one in our relationship that would be more likely to be rude, while Adam was more easygoing one. It seems this is not so!!!! Here are a few little stories from this trip that involve Adams nasty temper when people bug him!

1. In Paris on Bastille Day when 200,000 people were sitting on the grass, some Americans sat down next to us. There wasn quite enough room. And their accents are annoying. We were all muttering under our breath.. but Adam stands up and loudly says "We'll just move ok? Since you've come and sat ON OUR LAPS, we will just move! No worries!!". Hehee!

2. On our first Easyjet plane (no allocated seating), Adam didnt want anyone to sit next to him. A woman comes up and says "can i have this seat?". So Adam sighs, grunts, looks to the back of the plane and says "No. I actually want to spread out". She snarled at him, said "wouldnt we all like to spread out?" and sat down anyway.. with him huffing and puffing. What made this extra funny was (a) She was an Easyjet employee!!!! and (b) the plane was FULL, so its not like she could have sat ANYWHERE else. I laughed the whole way to Athens.

3. In Santorini airport, about 10 Italian guys were infront of us in line. An extra one walked up and went to join his friends in front of us. So Adam has grabbed his backpack (!!) and sent him to the back of the line. 2 minutes later, with a chnage of heart Adam offered for him to go in fromt of us. I'm sure the guy was too scared to, but he did anyway.

4. The next one happened just after we were told to leave the Pizza place in Pisa. The girl behind the counter said sorry. Adam starts saying (in a very loud voice) "No you're not. You're not sorry at all. Are you? You're not, are you? IS MY TIME WORTH NOTHING????? You're NOT sorry!!!"

5. Just after this outburst, while we're storming off down the street, a little asian guy is wheeling his bike down the road. He was a little slow, and in Adams way. So Adam PICKS UP his bike (while he is holding it) and moves ist against a wall. The poor guy looked shocked as Adam kept thundering down the road.

Aahhhh.. it is all quite hilarious!!! Everytime we have one of these outbursts i am shocked, then slightly embarrassed, then in hysterics for the next hour.  Who knows when the next tantrum will strike!
I meanwhile remain calm and in a state of Zen... :)

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