Thursday, July 15, 2010

Late night words

I'm a little too tired for a real blog post. It's 12.40am and Adam is already snoring. But i feel a bit bad about bagging Paris this morning. So...

Today Paris started to redeem itself. It must have got scared by my blog this morning.
  • The rain stopped, the sun shone.
  • The metro didnt even stink.
  • We walked out to find markets outside our house. We both got 'galettes' (the savoury cousin of crepes). Mine had salmon and goats cheese. Adams had chorizo and egg and cheese.
  • We went to a cemetary and visited the graves of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. I'll post pics of this tomorrow. It was quite cool.
  • We went to Montmarte for a look around. Different to our area. Busier in terms of tourists. A bit daggier and dirtier though. A lot of people trying to scam you with cotton bracelets, pretend petitions, pretend dropped rings etc. (Lucky I can dagger any scammer to the ground with an evil stare and a harsh "non!". Adam insists he can do it himself.. but as i told him, he's nicer than me by nature. They dont get it til they see me glare.)
  • We saw the Sacre Cour. Another church.. but with the addition of great views of the city. 
  • We walked to Moulin Rouge.. and posed out the front of it like husseys. We're contemplating seeing the show if we can use the rest of Kate n Todds voucher for it ( being difficult again so we'll wait n see).
  • We went out for dinner and lots of wine downstairs at a local restaurant. Hence Adam snoring and me dribbling rubbish now. 
Tomorrow (courtesy of one generous Shannon Stacey and his lovely girlfriend Erica), we are going on a "Fat Tire Bike Tour" over Paris.  In 4 hours we'll see all the sites, then decide which ones to go back to in the arvo or the next day. Fanks Shannon!!!

I had better get some sleep. Speak to you all soon!

(ha - i think this is long enough that it counts for a real blog post after all. Will add pics later)

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