Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pamplona ...The Raging Bull..

Wow.... We arrived at the bus station in Pamplona to be greeted by people laying on the ground passed out covered in sangria and not looking very flash, we were laughing at these people not knowing that in 12 hours this would be us. We arrived at 8.30pm with the intention to party through the night , find a park to sleep in and run with the bulls at 8.00am.
Firstly i would like to say,  sorry Mum I ran with the bulls! but i survived .
We left the bus station all dressed in our white and red kit and looking for the action , the entire town was pumping and dressed the same. Finding the drinks was our first mission and this was not easy but a wander down a few back streets we found the little shops that were selling litre beers for 2 euro and casks of sangria for 3 euro, we were off.
I went to Octoberfest a few years ago and  i thought that was the party of all parties but Pamplona on opening night topped it. The streets were full of people singing and dancing and having a great time. We were meeting people from all over the globe and hearing some great stories.
The photos we took will descrbe the night a lot better than i will but it was amazing, ... sangria being spilled everywhere, meeting rangas , lady ga ga dancing renditions( that was me) spanish songs belted out , picking up stray dudes from bucks nights to join our entourage and so much more.
We partied through the night , watched the opening night fireworks at 11.30pm all with the anticipation of the following morning.
At about 1am , we decided to try to find a spot to camp for the night, this was not easy. The bus station had a big park next to it and that was where we went . There was 8 of us curled up on pizza boxes and whatever else we could find for comfort trying to get a few hours sleep before doing what we came to do.
There had been a lot of discussion about the bull run before i had left home, mates saying i have to do it, parents telling me not to do it , jess telling me not to do it and more.
It was an opprtunity to do one of those things that people put on a list of ..Things to do before you die!.. i was doing it.
We left our very uncomfortable and cold accommodation for the night and headed to the streets for the run at about 5am. We got to the stadium which is at the end of the run and said goodbye to the girls and went to find our spot on the course. i don´t think jess thought i was actually going to do it, she had a look on her face of ´ what the f*ck are you doing´.
For the next 2 hours James , ben and i were standing on the street shitting ourselves . At 7.30ish the police come through and clear the track , where we were standing was not close enough to the start and hundreds of people get moved off. We then had to run through the back streets to try to find a spot to get back in. As i climed back in to the track , into a jam packed mosh pit of people i was questioning myself... what the f*ck are you doing?
The next few minutes were a blur ,scariest minutes of my life, people runing everywhere, bulls , horns, screams, but pure thrill ! We ran into the stadium to be greeted by a massive cheering crowd and the relief that it was over.... but then they release another smaller bull to run around the crowd and continue to scare the shit out of you. I jumped over the fence after having enough of this crazy shit and left the stadium to meet the girls.
Pamplona!!!!  amazing , ( have not got the words to describe it )

( sorry if there is any spelling errors as i am writing this a little fragile after celebrating the Spanish win last night to get them into the World cup final........Es..pan..yol.. )

Adois Spain, France here we come....


  1. LOVE reading your blogs and this has been one my favourites!! Felt like I was there but so glad I wasn't!! Relieved to hear you are ok Adam and happy for you that you can tick that off your Bucket List!! Well done!! Now try to be a little more tame from here on in can you!! Enjoy... love to both of you! Donna xx

  2. Thankfully you survived the bull run. We expected it but were also hoping that you wouldn't do it just in case things went belly up. Looking forward to your next adventure.

    Mum and the dad