Monday, July 26, 2010

Venice.......Lobster pasta and Jason Donovan

We Left Greece after one of the best days ever with one of the biggest hangovers ever, heading for Venice. We flew from Santorini to Milan and then got a train to venice.
On arriving in Venice the exit from the train station does blow you away, it  really is a completely different city to anywhere else in the world. We found our hotel easily and it was pretty good, we think we got upgraded as we got air con and a water view which was not expected.
We left the hotel to explore and have dinner. It is a very busy place in tourist season and it did not take long before we were sick of the many americans wandering around being generally annoying. We had a nice dinner and called it a night.
The next day we checked out all the sites to see , ( photos to follow ) and just took in the beautiful city. For lunch Jess had one of her best meals for the trip, homemade ravioli stuffed with prawns. We continued in the afternoon looking around before heading back to the room for a siesta. during this stroll we had our first 'star spot'..... Jason Donovan! ( not that exciing but i was a 80,s neighbous fan).
About an hour into the nap we were awaken by what  we thought was someone knocking on our door only to realise that it was comimg through the wall followed by some moaning and a final climax...... ah ha ha ha ha ha ha...siesta.
We showered  and headed out for a Gondola ride and dinner. I thought the gondoliers were supposed to be ambassadors for the city ( seen on a doccumentary) , but instead are arrogant , money grabbing cocks. We did not do a gondola ride.
We went looking for a place for dinner , they all start looking the same after a while. standing outside of one, jess spotted a lobster dish that looked good. We ate here and it was a great meal, the linguini with half a Lobster had become jess's # 1 dish for the trip and her life.
The next day we checked out and headed for the train station and were off to Florence.
Venice was beautiful, a little too many tourists but it was expected. It will be remebered for geat views , cracking food and 'afternoon delight' coming through the wall.
Ciao .

p.s.  if i am missing the letter 'r' or 't' in any words i apologise , i have had a f*cker of a keyboad.

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