Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The City of Lights

We are here in Paris! We arrived today, safe and well thanks to Adan's driving. My comments in Biarritz were tongue in cheek and he actually did an aweso,e job. There were more high-fives than swear words, so I think you can say we won.

It is 13th July and we are here in time for Bastille Day. The party kicks off tonight and apparently then continues all day tomorrow as well!

We are glad to be here and are ready for the action of a big city for the next 5 nights. As much as we loved Dordogne and Beaune, we are referring to them as the 'mature age leg of the trip' - and are fully recharged and ready for a bit more partying.

If you have mqde it through the last 6 or so blog posts, then we commend you. You are up to date with the trip. Our gorgeous apartment has a computer and internet so we'll be updating you with our every waking thought! Stay tuned!

..oh and to the parents, we now get also get free international calls so will give you a buzz in the morning! (your evening).



  1. I don't know why this calls me Zonda, but anyhoo, Zonda here!! I have not laughed as much in ages as I have reading the updates of the last few days, just hysterical. David came in to the office wondering what in the world I was looking at on the computer!! Just LOVING the blogs, what an amazing memory of this trip of a life time. Keep having fun guys, we're all having fun with you!! Love Donna xxx

  2. High adventure...there is never a lull in this majestic blog overflowing with passion, (for the wine) rage, (the driving) fear, (the dodgy hotel) excitement and endless pages of sheer, exquisite scenery and colour. Keep it coming and enjoy as much as we are back home as we await each day with breathless anticipation for the next mouse clicking episode. We are all loving it.

    the dad