Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dordogne - Day 2

Up early to to the Tourist office to collect our options for today's activities.. and we decided on our destinations.

Along the way, more stunning scenery...

First stop: Sarlat, a town closeby. Google Sarlat and you will see how amazing it looks, so it was first on our list.. but Lonely PLanet warned us that Summer crowds took the shine off things and they weren't wrong. A market that we'll liken to the Brickworks filled the entire town! Every stunning laneway, cobbled alley and cul-de-sac was overrun with people, umbrellas and utter junk! It was probably because it was a saturday... but it wasnt even worth photographing. It was good to sit and drink beer in the sun though.

Next (or was it before? who knows),  a look at some prehistoric homes that are built into the caves. They actually go a fair way back, there are even some castles which are multi level but obscured by cliffs. Pretty spectacular.

We stopped at a few castles along the way...

..Then went to our pick of destinations, Les Jardins Marqueyssac - a castle surrounded by the most unbelievable gardens ever!!! It was high on a hill so we had amazing views, there was a 6km walk to the various areas of the castle (other viewpoints, waterfalls, little stone huts where the occupants used to write poetry, etc). It was just cool. Like Alice in Wonderland and Labyrinth all rolled into one. Here are some pics...

Late in the day, we went back to our Chateau for a swim and sunbake (we LOVE life right now!!!!) then headed back into town for another French Dinner.
Tonight, I (jess) went for double duck: Foie Gras with toast followed by a Duck Breast with stewed Nectarines.  Adam chose the warm Goats Cheese Salad, followed by some kind of sausage.. We asked what kind of sausqge and our lovely french waitress simply said "you know... intestine" while indicating her stomach. Adam wasn't fussed "oh she means the skin... all sausage is intestine really". Ha!
Let's just say that the Duck was unbelievable. And the sausage shall never be spoken of again.
The wine was fabulous!

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