Sunday, July 4, 2010

Out on our own.. will our relationship survive it??

First off, we´re now 1 full week into the trip..and we still want to get married. Just. This is a plus.

Today we left the security blanket that was Lauren & Jarrod (who have been here before and speak Spanish) and  headed off on our own to brave this foreign country on our own. It almost feels like a new holiday is starting as we haven´t had to  figure much out for ourselves until now.
It got off to a  great start with us going to the wrong bus station on the opposite side of Barcelona to where we should have been! There was a touch of tension as we struggled to buy tickets to Zaragoza when these buses dont even go there - or to find anyone who spoke english! (Although, it may have been good they didnt speak english so that they couldnt understand the way we were speaking to each other as we dragged our bags aimlessly and grumpily around the station!) In the end, I took to looking up phrases in our Spanish phrase book - and just pointing at them!

We´re now in the right station with tickets booked, waiting 2 hours for our bus, which will take another 3. I think we need to spend this full 5 hours practising some spanish!!!

We expect Zaragoza will be less touristy, with less english speaking people... so wish us luck as we brave it on our own!

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