Sunday, July 4, 2010


I just thought i would quickly update the world cup situation. Last night we went to a  little bar around from our apartment to watch the spain game with some of the locals. The bar was small and hot but it was a great spot to watch it. We got some sangria and beers and settled in to watch the drama unfold.

The game was not living up to expectations until 2 missed penalties in a minute got the crowd fired up. Spain scored late in the game to take the  win and get the party on the streets going.
We left the bar after the win and went to a late dinner (11pm) which was very nice, filling up on tapas and sangria. We then went to a hot bar that was jam packed to suck on a couple of Mojitos and talk crap until the wee hours.

Now off to Zaragoza,  Adios Barcelona.

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  1. Hi guys

    Glad to hear you're having fun and still in a relationship. There must be something about Barcelona - we went to the wrong airport, you the wrong bus station!
    Anyways, jessica - the two texts you sent to me on saturday are still coming through to my phone! I reckon I've had at least 30 of them come through and I've text you a few times to tell you but not sure if you're recieving them as I've had no reply? I've taken to putting my phone on silent when I go to bed coz the texts wake me through the night.... can you fix it????!!! Maybe try turning the phone off and then back on again???
    Enjoy the beach and sunshine... nah, not jealous at all... xox